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CBD with Essential Oils: How Does It Work?

Essential oils have been used as natural remedies to treat symptoms of various health conditions, and can be applied through various means such as aromatherapy, topical application or oral ingestion. So, what are CBD’s healing powers?

Apr 19, 2021

3 mins read

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CBD For Insomnia: A Good Night's Sleep or a Nightmare?

CBD oil is becoming an emerging remedy to sleeping disorders, but is it really for you? Ever found yourself snoozing behind a laptop? Working late? Or just run down? The chances are you are not getting as much sleep as a well-functioning body needs. A jam-packed day requires consistent and uninterrupted sleep in order to recover, and CBD has proven to be a helpful aid in achieving this.

CBD For Pain Relief: Does It Cure Chronic Pain?

Does CBD effectively relieve physical distress and pain? What ages or types of health conditions does it serve? Read on to find out more. While pain or chronic pain (lasting over 12 weeks) are a burden on your emotional, physical and economic health, not every treatment or remedy can cure you. In fact, some can end up making the conditions worse. So, it’s important to do your research and consult with an authentic source before choosing an option.

CBD For Anxiety

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is an organic compound you can use and can be blended into an oil, balm, droplets or cream to reduce your anxiety or stress. We extract it organically from hemp plants, which is then used to formulate our products. CBD oil is proving to be an effective remedy when it comes to battling the effects of anxiety. Almost 15% of the UK’s population has consumed cannabidiol at some point in their life.